Growing Marijuana Is ILLEGAL In These States

Just because a state allows the use of medical or recreational marijuana, that doesn’t mean it’s legal to grow in that state. Be sure you know the rules before you take the risk.

Although this list gets shorter every year, it’s worth covering. So, here’s a list of every U.S. state where growing marijuana is illegal. If you’re growing in any state on this list be sure you know the risks you’re taking.


There is absolutely no legal cannabis cultivation in Alabama. If you get busted you’re looking at felony charges.


The penalty in Arkansas for cannabis cultivation depends on how good of a grower you are. Half an ounce will land you up to a year in jail, but cultivating over a quarter pound comes with a minimum sentence of 3-10 years in prison.


While medical marijuana has been approved to treat certain conditions, growing marijuana for personal or commercial use is still considered a felony.


Marijuana is decriminalized in Delaware. HB 400 legally expanded medical cannabis to terminal illnesses, but patients are not allowed to cultivate.


Florida is making moves with medical marijuana, but growing and possessing cannabis is still illegal, compelling fines and up to 5 years in prison.


CBD is allowed but there are no state regulated producers or suppliers of cannabis extract. Georgia residents cannot cultivate cannabis and would face fines, suspended driver’s license, or prison.


Even though its near famous medical marijuana states like Oregon and Washington, Idaho has not legalized or regulated cannabis. It extensively prohibits marijuana possession, sale, and cultivation with expensive fines and years in prison.


Illinois is yet another one of those states that has a sprouting medical marijuana movement, but for some reason doesn’t let patients grow the plant. Even 1 plant could land you up to one year in prison.


Nope. No growing flowers here, but if you’re a hemp farmer you might have a chance to enter the budding industry.


Iowa’s residents are prohibited from possessing, selling, and cultivating marijuana. Offenders could face felony charges.


Kansas’s residents are prohibited from possessing, selling, and cultivating marijuana. Offenders could even serve prison time.


Kentuckians are prohibited from growing cannabis, but 4 plants or less is considered a misdemeanor punishable by a $500 fine. Medical marijuana programs are potentially in the works as early as 2018.


It’s illegal to possess, sell, or cultivate cannabis in Louisiana and punished with fines and incarceration.


While there are no specific laws against growing cannabis in Minnesota, marijuana itself is prohibited. Even medical marijuana patients aren’t allowed to grow their own medicine.


Marijuana is illegal in Mississippi, but has been decriminalized. Cultivation is treated the same as possession, which means you’ll get no criminal record or jail time for growing, just a fine.


Cannabis cultivators in Missouri could face felony charges and jail time.


Growers can face up to 20 years in prison and $25,000 fine, with mandatory minimum sentencing of one year. Repeat offenders can face life in prison

New Hampshire

Medical marijuana yes, but cultivation is a big no. Expect huge fines and prison time.

New Jersey

Nope. Not even for medical marijuana patients.

New York

It’s illegal to cultivate cannabis in New York, but laws are lax and you probably won’t have any problems if you’re low key.

North Carolina

Growing cannabis is absolutely illegal in North Carolina

North Dakota

Harsh laws on possession, sell, and cultivation or marijuana are enforced. Growing weed is illegal in North Dakota.


Cultivation is illegal, however, treated the same as possession. Less than 100 grams will be charged as a misdemeanor and $150 fine.


Cannabis cultivation is prohibited in Pennsylvania and is treated the same as selling marijuana.

South Carolina

South Carolina has a limited medical marijuana program, but neither patients nor caregivers can cultivate cannabis. It does, however, have provisional licenses for growing industrial hemp.

South Dakota

Growing is treated like possession and is illegal. Offenders face up to two years jail time for 2 ounces or less.


Cannabis cultivation is absolutely illegal in Tennessee.


Yeah, don’t even think about it in Texas partner. No growing here.


Cultivation is illegal and treated the same as marijuana possession in Utah. However, the state has implemented industrial hemp programs.


Cultivating cannabis in Virginia is a felony, and it could land you in prison.

West Virginia

Grow industrial hemp in WV, but don’t think about planting cannabis, for now.


Laws only state four plants are penalized, so perhaps you could get away with a couple. However, if your busted you could face serious jail time.


There is absolutely no legal weed growing in Wyoming. They even have laws against being high.


Good luck and thanks for reading! Maybe you won’t have to move to a more cannabis friendly state just yet! It’s likely that many of these states, as well as the federal government, will flip on their cannabis policy.

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