Best Hybrid Strains For Outdoor 2018 – Best New Hybrid Seeds To Grow

We searched through seed banks around the world to bring you Growbay’s best hybrid seeds for outdoor growing in 2018.

Which strains are the best is, of course, subject to opinion. But after scouring through countless seeds banks from the best breeders on the market, we’ve come up with a definitive list of 2018’s best hybrid seed strains to grow outdoors.

It’s mid-June, so for many regions in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s a great time to get clones outside. If you’re growing from seed it’s now or never (or next year). It’s not too late though!

Check out these awesome new hybrid strains. Just make sure you’ll have time to flower them to maturity outdoors. Depending on your region, winter wind and rains can come in quick, destroying an entire crop before it’s ready.

Sour Girl

Sour Girl is a potent sativa-dominant hybrid. She comes from the Bay area grower’s collective, Citizens Research Alliance for Therapeutics, and took 3rd place in the hybrid flower category at the 2016 NorCal High Times Cannabis Cup.

Seeds and flower are Clean Green Certified and sun grown. Sour Girl is a beautiful blend of two famous sativa-dominant strains, Sour Diesel and Girl Scout Cookies. Best results come from an organic, sun-grown environment and light watering. A

Grease Monkey

This oily hybrid comes from Exotic Genetix and is a resinous cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and Cookies & Cream. The flavors of this strain are extraordinary, ranging from rich cocoa, caramel, and vanillas to ethanol-like spice.

It’s a big yielder for extractors and processors due to its high potency, and an overall great strain for anyone who likes tasty, aesthetically pleasing sativa-dominant hybrids.

Remo Chemo

Remo Chemo is a feminized hybrid strain that was crafted specifically as a remedy against the harsh effects of chemotherapy. Its terpene profile is highlighted with notes of caryophyllene (black pepper) and a pungent fuel aroma.

The strain comes from popular Canadian grower, Remo, and Spanish breeder Dinafem Seeds. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid and produces high concentrations of THC. Remo Chemo could be effective for increasing appetite, reducing pain, and as a temporary sleep aid.

Purple Punch

Purple Punch was created in 2012 in Hawaii by Supernova Gardens, but it didn’t become popular until some stateside growers began highlighting photos of its purple colas on Instagram. It’s a heady indica-dominant hybrid thats lineage includes Granddaddy Purp and Larry OG from breeders at Cali Connection. Purple Punch has all the traits you’d expect from a high-THC indica-hybrid and exhibits particularly lush berry and pinene flavors.

Lemon Zkittle

Lemon Zkittle is one of those rare strains that can be hard to come by. A gram can run up to $35 in some places. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid that consistently produces around 20% THC, but the best part about this strain is definitely the flavor profile.

This hybrid is a cross between the rainbow strain Zkittles and a Las Vegas Lemon Skunk. Its aromatics in harvest are reminiscent of all of the fruity flavors from Skittles candy or Fruit Loops cereal. Imagine tropical lemon and lime with hints of blackberry and raspberry.

Gorilla Girl

Gorilla Girl is by far one of the most epic hybrids. It comes from Sweet Seeds breeders who took the highly sought after Thin-Mint phenotype from Girl Scout Cookies and crossed it with Gorilla Glue. The result is a potent hybrid with a powerful, fast-acting effect.

Gorilla Girl is a rare, but amazing hybrid from two of the best strains on the planet. This one is great for extractors and producers seeking high-quality flowers with resinous trichomes. She’ll flower in about 9 weeks, and in optimal conditions can yield over a pound per plant.


Thanks for reading! It’s still early June, but wait any longer and your outdoor crop could be limited by winter weather. Check our seed links and be sure to tune into Growbay for your daily dose of cannabis cultivation tips and deals on grow supplies.

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