Growing Techniques Guaranteed to Double Your Yield

This article shows you how to use low-stress training and other cannabis cultivation methods to hack your cannabis plants into producing more bud and bigger yields.

Pretty much all of the pros in the cannabis industry use some type of method or training technique to enhance plant growth. If the best of the best are using these techniques to produce huge yields, just think about what they could accomplish for your home grow!

In order for your plants to grow sufficiently enough to support the growth of giant colas in the flowering phase, you’ll need to make sure that they grow strong from early on. The techniques in this article are going to help assure your plants have strong stalks, and can support heavy tops.

About Low-Stress Training

Low-stress training drastically alters the shape in which a plant grows, manipulating it to produce more flower. The benefits of low-stress training include,

  • Multiple bud sites
  • Even canopy
  • More efficient use of light
  • Increased yields without setup change

Low-stress training encourages even flower production through the use of strings, ties, trellis, and other tools to bind and tie down plant branches. A trained cannabis canopy ends up looking a little more even and flat rather than one big bud at the top and a bunch of smaller buds in its shade. As a result of more exposure to direct sunlight, more bud sites begin to form, which means more colas and more bud!

Top Plants Early

Topping your plants is a great way to increase bud site production, and definitely the first step to maximizing canopy space and improving yields. When a starter or clone grows into its fourth or fifth set of leaves, it’s safe to top plants. Topping too soon could significantly stunt overall growth.

At the node where new growth occurs, cut with sterilized scissors or a razor at a 45-degree angle, but do not cut so deep that you damage the node. Where the growth was that you just topped, two new tops will begin to grow. Bam, maximized!

Low-Stress Training in Pots

Home growers that are growing just a couple plants can still benefit from low-stress training methods. Gently bend and tie down large exterior branches to pots and containers by attaching them with strings or ties. You may have to cut little holes to tie to.

A tomato cage, or cannabis cage, is a good way to incorporate training as your plants get larger. This allows for more vertical training, but remember, cannabis will produce more bud sites when flattened out.


This is a technique that can maximize canopy space indoors and outdoors. The setup is easy to install and can significantly improve your yields. A screen of green utilizes low-stress training and a horizontal trellis setup to maximize canopy space and increase average yield.

For indoor growers, this type of setup can optimize your grow space. For outdoor growers, it’s also a great way to make organized beds. Outdoors, this method can even be scaled up to create vineyard-like cannabis grow ops or decorative hedges.

Sea of Green

The sea of green technique is best suited for indoor growers, but outdoors and greenhouse growers can also implement the technique. Instead of training the plant to grow multiple bud sites, in a sea of green setup, more plants are grown and they are kept short and limited to one main cola.

This focuses all of the plant’s energy into one big bud instead of spreading its limbs. For indoor growers looking to optimize their space, work time, and harvest turnover rate, this is a great technique that could potentially double your average yield.


Start implementing these techniques into your grow op and you’ll see your yields double in just one harvest.

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