5 Great Sub-$500 Marijuana Rosin Presses You Can Buy Right Now On Amazon.com

Rosin is one of the newest methods of extraction to take the cannabis industry by storm and is only getting more popular as the technology improves.

Although marijuana flower rosin extraction began fairly recently, the original process primarily involved resourceful stoners using hair-irons to extract a little concentrate to dab with. Since those early days, rosin extraction has grown by leaps and bounds and found its way into the professional commercial market, whereby extractors are withdrawing every last drop of rosin from the cannabis flower on a large scale.

In the article below we’ll have a quick look at the theory behind rosin and 5 marijuana rosin presses you can buy on amazon.com for under $500.

What is Cannabis Rosin?

There are a few ways to extract concentrate from cannabis, namely BHO (butane hash oil), CO2 (carbon dioxide), and alcohol extraction. There has been a new movement gathering momentum called the “Rosin Revolution” and one should definitely be aware of its benefits.

Rosin is simply the process of using heat and pressure to extract the herbal oils from cannabis flowers. Rosin concentrates are 100% solvent free as all you are using heat and pressure, so rest assured your working environment will be much safer too. One can expect anything from 5% to 30% net weight return from your rosin press, depending on the cannabis source material you use.

Rosin is an easy, safe-to-smoke, non-toxic method of extracting your oils. Portable home rosin presses give you the ability to scale your operation without breaking the bank. With rosin presses starting at $100, moving up to a few thousand dollars for a commercial industrial press, it’s your choice how big you want to go.

Rosin and dabbing go hand-in-hand, and with the legal marijuana market costing consumers a small fortune for their monthly meds, you may want to consider buying one of the presses below for making your concentrates easily at home.

1. Tarik Rosin T-REX 1

Probably the best and most popular portable rosin press on the market. Well designed and looks similar to an old compact-disc player. Just over $100 dollars and made in the USA, this rosin press has all the features required for you start pulling cannabis oils in a just a few minutes. Tarik Rosin is now recognized as the market leader in solventless extraction and has been sold in more than 19 countries worldwide.

5-star review: “It works just fine. You just gotta be patient and use it right. Took me a few tries before I finally got the amount and product that I wanted but I eventually figured out the best procedure that works for me.”

2. NugSmasher Mini

Manufactured and assembled in Corona, California, these stainless steel machines come in four varieties, ranging from 2 to 20 tons of pressure. The portable NugSmasher Mini comes in at just under $400 on amazon.com and can press up to 3.5 grams at one time, using 2 tons of pressure. Another benefit of this rosin press is it comes with a lifetime warranty, backed up with excellent technical and customer service.

5-star review: “The smallest press I could find which makes it perfect for personal use in a small apartment. Great pressure and consistent temperatures.“

3. Rosin Tech Products RTP Manual Twist

Moving on up and we are looking at just under $500 for this manual rosin twist press. It is the perfect home user press and can handle 2.5 tons of pressure. It contains two solid aluminum heat plates with a digital temperature control allowing you to perfect the oil extraction process. Although this press only comes with a 1-year warranty it is built to last and the local distributor will cover all shipping and replacement costs within the year of warranty. This press is manufactured overseas and parts are imported.

There are no Amazon reviews for this product at the time of this writing

4. Rosineer RNR-MV2

This is a patented manual rosin press with dual element heating plates that can be adjusted separately. Easy maintenance through its modular design and even easier to use. This item currently sells for $399 and comes with a 1-year warranty from shipping date. Customer service notably excellent for this product offering and they have many satisfied customers.

5-star review: “Very pleased with this press. I wish it used Fahrenheit instead of Celsius but once you find the best temperature setting, you don’t really mess with it much. I also like the fact that the handle locks down instead of having to hold it down for the duration of the pressing. There is an adjustment to the bottom plate where you can adjust pressure however I found it optimal out of the box.”

5. Dabpress dp-rp37

This is definitely a top choice for a rosin press machine and is currently on special through Amazon.com. Made of hard anodized aluminum and stainless steel structure, and features a dual digital temperature controller. For only $399, this is a bargain as it also comes with a lifetime warranty and a free dab toolkit. This press can handle up to 20 tonnes of pressure. Excellent customer service and made in the USA.

There are no Amazon reviews for this product at the time of this writing